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Given the crucial role of semiconductors for the twin transition, this report pays special attention to this sector. Europe’s contribution to the global semiconductor industry was around € 51 bn in 2022 accounting for a world share of 9.3%, which is rather below its economic potential. In 2022, the global semiconductor market grew by 3.2 %, primarily due to the geopolitical crisis and inflation dynamics. Nevertheless, the growth in the EU27 remained double-digit (12.3% in 2022, compared to 27.3% in 2021).

The European Monitor of Industrial Ecosystems (EMI) project has produced its first yearly report on the Electronics ecosystem, highlighting data on its progress in terms of its green and digital transition across several dimensions, including industrial performance, environmental impact, technology generation and uptake, start-up trends, investments and funding, and skills. As major electronics components are deployed in wide areas of applications, they represent a key technological focus of this EMI report. 

The data collected and used for this report is also shared in the data package below, relating to the abovementioned dimensions. Wherever possible, the data package allows for time series analyses, as well as comparisons among industrial ecosystems, Member States, and between the EU and other major economies such as the US and China.

Download the report

EMI Electronics industrial ecosystem report.pdf
(4 MB - PDF)

Download the data package

EMI Data Package Electronics.xlsx
(4.97 MB - XLSX)