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European Monitor of Industrial Ecosystems


The core divisions of the RES ecosystem in the EU grew substantially over the last decade. The number of enterprises almost doubled from 110,748 in 2011 to 209,164 in 2020. This represents a 7% compound annual growth rate for this economic division. The turnover grew by 0.6% annually over the same period. The benefits in terms of employment contribution by this industrial ecosystem vary by country across the EU. The renewable energy industries created 1.2 million jobs in 2021 in the EU27. The three main renewable sources of energy contributing to employment generation were solid biomass, wind energy, and solar photovoltaic, which represent 68% of the total renewable energy employment in the EU, with solar being the source that has grown the most globally.

The European Monitor of Industrial Ecosystems (EMI) project has produced its first yearly report on the Energy-Renewables ecosystem, highlighting data on its progress in terms of its industrial performance, technology generation and uptake, start-up trends, and dependencies.

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EMI Renewable industral ecosystem report.pdf
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